The Turkey that Voted for Christmas by Madeleine Cook and Samara Hardy.

The Turkey that Voted for Christmas (OUP) by Madelaine Cook and Samara Hardy is a fun Christmas read for young children and full of plays on words for the adults who share it with them. It’s packed full of Christmas clichés, farmer up to no good and a robin with a plan.

The animals of Pear Tree Farm are a democratic lot, voting on everything. Each year the vote goes against Christmas thanks to Timmy Turkey’s family who always say NO!  But Timmy is tired of the lack of festive cheer so he galvanises the other animals and leads a brilliant campaign.  The voting is on a knife-edge.  Timmy’s family quakes as they wait for the outcome…

Colourful, festive and funny, this is an enjoyable story to share with young children. There’s lots to see in the illustrations and plenty of humour to laugh over in the text.

Turkey Voted Christmas