Must Try Harder

A couple of weeks ago I was chatting to the author Sara Sheridan.  We had a great conversation about books and the lack of printed space given over to reviews of books for children and teenagers.  At the end of our conversation Sara said to me that I should write a blog…  Oops!  Now look, I’m not really one for new year’s resolutions so here and now I promise to do better with this blog.  The good news is that The Scotsman is still (for the time being anyway) publishing children’s book reviews and still asking me to write them.  The next batch should appear in the paper on 14. December.  Look out for them; there are some great books included.

The Scotsman

I’ve been having trouble posting to my blog but it all seems to be working now. So I can let you know that my Christmas reviews will be in Saturday’s Scotsman. Don’t miss them now!

More Reviews for The Scotsman

It must be nearly Christmas!  My next lot of reviews will be in The Scotsman on Saturday 11. December – always assuming that I get them finished!  Should be okay; just two to go.  There are some lovely Christmas books this time as well as the more usual general round-up.