My introduction to Judith Kerr’s books was not through Mog or the Tiger Who Came to Tea but When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. I remember that I was in Primary 6 when I read it and I think it came from the class library but it might have been a class reader. However I came to read it, I loved it. Clearly at that age I didn’t understand the horror lurking behind the story but I did grasp that life was difficult for Anna and her family.

This year Judith Kerr was 90 and, in honour of that HarperCollins reissued some of her most-loved books and published an illustrated autobiography. Here’s how I reviewed it in The Scotsman last weekend:

To celebrate Judith Kerr’s 90th birthday HarperCollins re-issued many of her much loved books this year. So Mog, Pink Rabbit and that Tiger who dropped in for tea are doubtless being enjoyed by many children for the first time. But older readers who already know and love Judith Kerr’s work will be delighted with Judith Kerr’s Creatures (HarperCollins £25). It is her autobiography, written in such a way that it can be enjoyed by older children, teenagers and adults. Throughout the book there are references to her love of art and included are many sketches, photographs and published illustrations. It is both a superb introduction to her life and work and a joy and treasure for those of us who have grown up loving her books.

If you get a book token for Christmas you could go further wrong than buy a copy of this beautiful book!


    1. Yes, I’d heard that and then it was highlighted in the Imagine documentary a few weeks ago. Did you see it? It was excellent.

  1. I have just discovered Judith Kerr through someone who saw that BBC docu (alas, vanished from iPlayer by the time i got to it. What a writer! and what an artist.- am deep in Pink Rabbit having got to the next one first (all the library had) but have now got the trilogy on the Kindle and will buy the recent book. in hard to really savour the artwork

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