9781454921141Earlier on this week Paul at GMC sent me a couple of books published by Sterling Children’s Books.  I couldn’t choose between them so, as they both feature animals, I thought I’d share the two with you.

First up is Dance is for Everyone by Andrea Zuill, set in Mrs Iraina’s dance class and starring Tanya (that might not actually be her name).  The class is surprised to see an alligator at the barre but given that she’s bigger than them (than all of them put together, in fact) they decide to be happy to let her join in.  There are a few challenges but nothing the class can’t cope with…

And then there’s Ella Who? by Linda Ashman and Sara Sanchez.  In it a little girl makes an unusual new friend the day her family moves house.  The grown-ups are a bit too distracted to pay proper attention to the girl and are just delighted that she has found someone to play with.  The two spend a happy day reading, dressing up and splashing in the pool but all things come to an end.  The little girl is sad – until Babette shows up.


I love the vitality in the illustrations in both these books and their strong colours.  And they’re ideal for young children with their clear messages of acceptance and true friendship.

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