Two new books from Sterling Books have made me smile recently. They both make the point that life can be better with friends but along the way they tell entertaining stories.

First for me was Selfie Sebastian by Sarah Glenn Marsh and Florence Weiser.  The eponymous hero is a good-looking young fox on a quest for the perfect selfie.  His clothes are fantastic, the backdrops are spectacular and his experiences are second-to-none but still something seems to be missing.


And then this week I read But the Bear Came Back by Tammi Sauer and Dan Taylor.  It’s told in the first person by a little boy who receives an unexpected visit from a bear.  But bears don’t live in houses so the boy tells him to go home.  The bear, however, is persistent until finally the boy shouts at him and he doesn’t come back.  Strangely the boy misses the bear (and that is unbearable!) so he decides to go looking for him.

Both of these books are slightly absurd, gently funny and warmly endearing. Simply told with no unnecessary words, they are accompanied by splendid illustrations that describe and extend the story.  I’d happily give both of them to small children of my acquaintance and I’m also delighted to give them houseroom in my own collection!


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