Wide Eyed Editions is aptly named.  Its books are truly full of wonder.  Even when they deal with subjects I’m not interested in, I love looking through them and am loathe to part with them to a deserving child.  When they’re on my subjects I don’t even try to give them away!

Two books landed on my desk last week and they’re both looking for space on my shelves.  There’s no debate about one of them.  Maps always stay.


I love maps and quirky ones like this are great fun.  Obviously the first thing I did was to turn to the maps of places with which I have a connection.  Sadly, Lossiemouth itself isn’t on the map but there is box about Ramsay Macdonald, the local loon who went on to become the first British Labour Prime Minister.  There’s no mention either for Mum’s birthplace of Musselburgh but the nearby Museum of Flight on the former East Fortune airfield.  Did you know that you can board Concorde there?  And, talking of flight, do you know where the world’s shortest scheduled flight is?  If not, turn to the map of Orkney to find out.  I’ve been dipping in and out of the book ever since I got it and I know that there’s still loads for me to discover.

The other book is hugely appealing to me as it has a liner on the cover and it’s set in the 1920s!  I love being at sea and I adore the grandeur and opulence of the ships of that period.  The book is full of wonderful ephemera, the illustrations are fantastic and it’s all about developments in communication.  In addition to that there’s a mystery to solve with the help of first mate Logan Finn and geographer and explorer Nancy Delaney.


Both of these books have extremely high production values and are full of interesting information superbly packaged.  The illustrations are engaging and detailed and contain much on which to ponder.

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