Only One of Me is a beautiful book written to help families prepare for the death of a parent.  It is the creation of Lisa Wells, a young mother who has been told that she has only a few months to live.  The book is warm and positive and full of love, not at all despondent or gloomy.  It’s an ideal way in to what must be a horrendously difficult conversation to have with young children.

The copy I have is subtitled A Love Letter from Mum but there is also an equivalent Love Letter from Dad.  Mine is illustrated by Catalina Echeverri and the other by Tim Budgen.  The colour palettes of both are vibrant and warm and the pictures themselves are full of life, recalling positive memories.  Michelle Robinson’s moving text has been co-written with Lisa Wells and encourages the child to remember but not be weighed down by grief, to go on and live life to the full.


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