Yes, I know. There’s been an almighty break in service from me.  My life has taken some interesting turns in the last six months but I’m back now.  And I’m back living in Edinburgh, my birthplace.  It’s also the home of Barrington Stoke, publishers extraordinaire, so it seems fitting for me to start with the phase with two of their books.

McTavish Takes the Biscuit is the third story in Meg Rosoff’s series about the Peachey family’s rescue dog.  In it poor McTavish feels obligated to save the family from Pa Peachey’s baking. But even the most devoted dog can only eat so much.  Clearly something must be done.  But then disaster, in the form of a town bake-off, strikes.  Pa is confident of his ability to win, a confidence his long-suffering family think misplaced.  Only McTavish can save the day – which he does with the help of Betty and a misplaced ball.

As ever, Meg has written a satisfying story full of fun and family.  There’s a warmth to the relationships and an enjoyable story arc.  Young readers will be engrossed by the characters and plot whether or ot they have met the cast before. This is another book in the Conkers series designed to help children continue to develop their reading.

New to the Little Gems collection is Special Delivery by Jonathan Meres.  Little Gems books are for readers just underway on their own and they’re a diverse lot.  Frank starts helping his big sister Lottie with her paper round to so he can earn some money for a new bike.  Together they enjoy being out early in the summer holidays and Frank makes an exciting new friend.

Mary, the elderly lady Frank meets, has dementia and Jonathan Meres introduces the subject sensitively in the context of a very readable story.  The book is short but still well developed in plot and character and is enhanced by Hannah Coulson’s illustrations.

It’s no secret that I’m hugely enthusiastic about Barrington Stoke’s books and I’m delighted to have these to add to my collection and share with children.



    1. I think an advanced six year old reader could read the McTavish books. She’d certainly enjoy having them read to her! The Little Gems series, of which Special Delivery is one, would certainly be within her grasp.

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