My choice today is all about the illustrations.  Around the World in Eighty Days has been published in many editions since Jules Verne wrote it but this one, illustrated by Australian artist Robert Ingpen, is my favourite.  It makes me feel that I am part of the journey and it fuelled my desire to travel as far as possible without flying. I reviewed it in The Scotsman on its publication.  Here’s what I said:

This edition of Around the World in Eighty Days is illustrated by Robert Ingpen and is a delight from cover to cover. The well-known tale of Phileas Fogg’s attempt to circumnavigate the globe in his allotted time has lost nothing of its humour and excitement with the passing of the years. And being firmly set in a world without air travel, it has novelty value for today’s well-travelled readers. The changing scenery of Fogg’s journey is entrancingly illustrated by the brilliant Robert Ingpen. He is equally as able to bring to life people, places and modes of transport and these illustrations are a perfect partner for Jules Verne’s timeless prose.

I discovered that Robert Ingpen lives fairly near some of my Australian cousins and I was very excited when they arranged for me to meet him.  Sadly, the arrangement was for earlier this month and never happened owing to my early return to Scotland.  It’s an incentive to make a return to Australia as soon as possible, though, and I daydream about being able to do that by land and sea…


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