Now this one really is random.  Either Mum or I picked it up in a charity shop somewhere many years ago.  There’s nothing special or noteworthy about it but I have kept it all these years and it has survived house moves and  shelf culls.

It’s fairly standard school story fare.  Chester House is the weakest house in the school, looked down on by the other houses and despised by some of the other House Captains, partly because it’s for day girls rather than boarders.  Alison is appointed as the new Captain of Chester House and sets to work on improving the situation.  There’s some resistance amongst the older girls but the Middles mean to support her.  They mean to support her but somehow their efforts don’t always succeed.

Chester House Wins Through by Irene Smith was published the year I was born so some of the fictional girls would still have been at school when I started.  It has a slightly more modern feel than many school stories of this type but, even as a child, it felt dated to me.  But I really enjoyed it.

I know nothing about Irene Smith and have nothing else she wrote.  If anyone can fill in these blanks for me I’d love to hear from you.

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