Another book from Nosy Crow today and another author whom my friend Dom put my way.  I read and enjoyed Fleur Hitchcock’s Dear Scarlett ahead of publication and looked forward to succeeding books.  Murder in Midwinter is my favourite to date.  It’s a murder mystery combined with a family secret.  Here I am again in The Scotsman:

Travelling home by bus one day, Maya takes a photo of the Christmas lights as she passes but inadvertently catches something else. Suddenly she is under police protection and living in the remote Welsh mountains with her distracted aunt and surly cousin. Is she really in danger as the police think? And is being cut off by snow a blessing or a curse? Murder in Midwinter is a taut and exciting thriller. Fleur Hitchcock beautifully captures Maya’s sense of unreality and fear as she untangles family relationships along with the mystery.

If you’re looking for something new to read for yourself or your children I’d certainly recommend Fleur Hitchcock’s books.

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