I think Christopher Edge is possibly a genius.  Even though they hurt my head, I cannot resist his books.  Many of them are hung round scientific and philosophical ideas in an attempt to draw children in to these fascinating areas.  However, he never forgets that his prime purpose is to tell a story.

Given that I’m a bear of very little brain, though, I have chosen one of his alternative history mysteries.  Twelve Minutes to Midnight is the first book in the Penelope Tredwell trilogy.  I keep giving this series away so this is the only one I currently have on my shelves.

Penny lives in an alternative early twentieth century London and is the owner of The Penny Dreadful, a magazine.  In the course of looking for stories for it, Penny is drawn into some thrilling and dangerous situations.  As well as re-writing the past as we know it, in this book Christopher Edge also looks ahead to the future through Penny’s eyes.

All of Christopher’s books are highly readable and superb for children who’re looking for something to grapple with.  They’re excellent for grown-ups too – if you can cope with having your brain stretched by a children’s book.

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