Helen Dore Boylston is best known for her Sue Barton series which I read as a child and very much enjoyed.  It was only years later, though, that I acquired her lesser known Carol series.  I don’t think that they were ever republished as paperbacks in the UK (which is how I read Sue’s adventures).  There are only four titles in the sequence and I always wished there were more.

Carol Page is an aspiring actress who by Carol on Tour, the final book, has begun to make a name for herself.  I like Carol I think is more rounded and realistic than Sue Barton.  She has more faults and doubts than Sue displays and is still showing a lack of judgement in this book even as she matures.

There are some great supporting characters in the series and the dialogue is witty and engaging.  I really enjoy the way that Carol, a well-educated daughter of the middle classes, struggles to understand Mike Horodinsky who seems in every way to be her opposite.  He is also shown failing to understand Carol and her background which gives rise to some genuinely tense encounters.

Just a footnote for you.  On the inside flap of this book is a quote from the South Wales Evening Post, saying: ‘Teen-agers and grown-ups alike will enjoy this instalment of Carol’s adventures.’  I’d agree with that analysis.  As an adult I find this series perfectly rewarding.


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