Tally Hamilton is furious to hear she is being sent from London to a horrid, stuffy boarding school in the countryside. But Delderton Hall is a far more unusual and interesting place than Tally ever imagined and then there’s the exciting school trip to the kingdom of Bergania.

Prince Karil hates his life in the Berganian palace and is only truly happy when he escapes to the dragonfly pool, a remote spot in the forests. When Karil meets the feisty English girl who brings the promise of adventure, his life begins to feel better. But this is 1939 and the prince soon has to look to Tally for survival as well as friendship . . .

If asked for my favourite children’s book by Eva Ibbotson, I will always give The Star of Kazan as my response.  But The Dragonfly Pool is also excellent.  In spite of its subject, it has a lighter feel to it than The Star of Kazan; perhaps it has an element of fairytale to it.  Whatever the reason, I enjoy it and would recommend it to you.



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