Seriously Sassy is the first in a trilogy by Maggi Gibson.  The books are bouncy and fun but touch on some serious issues.  They’re also set in Scotland – points for anyone who can work out where Maggi had in mind as she wrote – which is nice.  They’re not rampantly Scottish but there are little clues which give the setting away.  As a Scot, I like that.  It’s not that I dislike books that are set elsewhere; on the contrary, I like reading about other places.  But some times familiarity is comforting.

Sassy is a thirteen-year-old eco-warrior and singer-songwriter. Never one for keeping her beliefs and opinions to herself, she feels under huge pressure when her Dad announces that he is standing for parliament. He promises her the chance to make a demo disc in a recording studio if she manages to keep away from controversy until after the election. Supported by her friends, Cordelia and Taslima, Sassy struggles to be true to herself, support her Dad and figure out how she feels about Magnus and Twig…

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