My sister wanted me to write about an Alexander McCall Smith book so here you are: School Ship Tobermory.  It’s the first in a series about (you guessed it) a school on board a sailing ship.  However, if I had to categorise them, I’d say they were as much adventure/mysteries as school stories although they don’t really fit neatly into any genre.  And that’s a good thing as I think they’ll appeal to all sorts of readers.

The book was published by Edinburgh based Birlinn who played a big part in launching Alexander McCall Smith’s fiction writing career.  I was very happy to review it in The Scotsman in 2015.

Ben and Fee are looking forward to starting at a new school, a very different kind of school, on a sailing ship. They quickly make friends but soon they are drawn into rivalries, mysteries and danger. School Ship Tobermory: a school story set at sea. That’s two of my favourite things in one book. Added to that it’s written by Alexander McCall Smith with all that means in terms of style and humour, and illustrated by the brilliant Iain McIntosh. What joy!


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