I have five books by Gordon Cooper.  As far as I have been able to find out that’s all he wrote.  A Time in a City, like all the others in my collection, is an ex-library book (although I did once have a paperback edition of An Hour in the Morning) which is fitting as that’s how I first read them.

Kate Bassett, a young teenager, has left her first post as general maid in a farm house and is now working in the nearest town to her home.  She’s the kitchen maid and, as such, a person of little account,  However, supported by the cook and the parlour maid, she settles in to life in the home of the Bourne family.  Set in the early days of the First World War, we also see Kate working in a soldiers’ canteen on her day off.

I can’t say that Gordon Cooper is the world’s best writer but I loved these books as a child and I have been known to read them still.  He has an engaging way of bringing history to life for young people  I suspect that might have been his brief from the Oxford University Press.  If anyone can tell me anything about Gordon Cooper, I’d be delighted to hear from you.


  1. You may have done this too but I emailed OUP to ask if they have any biographical information available. I am enjoying my rereads! Thanks for mentioning.

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