I met Cathy Cassidy many years ago and have worked with her at a number of book festivals since then.  She’s one of my favourite authors to work with; she’s generous and understanding and willing to spend as much time as possible with her audiences.  She’s also funny and a great  communicator and writer.  I have a wide selection of books I might have featured here but Looking-Glass Girl is one of my favourites.

Alice Beech lies in a coma in hospital. What twists and turns have shattered her life and dragged her down into an unknown world – and will she ever find her way home? As her back story unfolds, the reader must work out who to trust and how to tell fact from fiction. Looking-Glass Girl, a modern reinvention of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, is a piece of brilliance from Cathy Cassidy, a novel that captures the reader’s heart and mind.

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