As anyone who knows me can confirm, beauty and fashion don’t loom very large in my life. I’d certainly never have considered a career in either even if they had been offered to me as options. June Grey: Fashion Student is a fairly recent acquisition. In fact I bought it just over a year ago en route from Lossiemouth to Edinburgh as I moved house. I’m sorry. Why is it strange that I made a short detour to a secondhand bookshop?!

Fashion student without a story

I’m reading about June for the first time as I write this so you’re getting my fairly unconsidered and unfiltered thoughts. To say that the plot is slight would be vastly to overstate its nature. There is a very small strand of romance running through it (very small and straggly) and that’s about it. June is established as a conscientious and promising design student with an amiable nature and from that point there is no development. Her fellow students and co-workers are merely mouthpieces allowing the reader to find out all there is to know about different elements of the world of fashion.

Do I sound cross? Well, I suppose I am. I paid a lot of money for this book and it would have been some consolation if there’d been a story. Basically, June gets a placement at a fashion house for a few months as part of her course. Everybody is, deep down at least, helpful and pleasant to work with. June proves herself and when her course is finished, the same business gives her a job. Oh, and the romantic lead turns out to be the half-brother of someone important. That’s it.

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  1. I loved the section where the Trade training is mentioned – not all readers were Grammar School Girls. Embroidery on uniforms which would have been so big in 1950s – all those people still in the Armed Forces. Almost worthy of a book on its own.

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