On my other blog ( please feel very free to wander over to http://www.janespicturejournal.com) I mentioned in an article that I am unable to daydream about travel just now; it seems like such an impossibility that I can’t really imagine ever going anywhere ever again. In an effort to change my mindset then I have decided that the next set of books I’ll write about here are books that have made me want to visit the settings.

I should say at the outset that one author will loom large. Many of you will know to whom I refer: Mabel Esther Allan. My personal opinion is that the quality of her output is varied but, even in her weaker books, a sense of place is something she always captures. Indeed, she said of herself that the setting always came first. Growing up, she introduced me to many European destinations and for that I’ll always be grateful.

There are other authors, though, whose books have shaped my travel plans past and future. And there are also a few places that have made me seek out books set there or, at least, include them in my collection when I find them. Most of the books I’ll choose were written for children and young adults (as befits the description of this blog) but a few books published for adults but perfectly accessible to, and appropriate for, teenagers may sneak in.

So grab yourself a map, sit back and prepare to journey in the company of characters created by authors who care about both travelling and arriving.


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