It’s fairly well known by now that I love all things to do with the sea. You might think that this makes me undiscriminating when it comes to children’s books but that’s not the case. Because the sea (and ships and the beach and coastal living and so on) is so important to me, I am actually very picky about books dealing with the subject. So, you can be sure that if I recommend one, I really mean it.

Which brings me to Look What I Found at the Seaside, published by Nosy Crow in association with the National Trust. It’s entry level non-fiction with something of the rhythm of the picture book in its linking text. It’s illustrated to show a group of three children and a dog exploring a beach which gives it that storytelling element. Alongside this are notes for the reader pointing out things they can find in the pictures, and sidebars with more information about seaside life.

As is always the case with Nosy Crow the book as a whole is well designed and laid out. The pages are busy but not cluttered. The significant items are clearly illustrated and the text explains things clearly. Whilst the book is obviously meant for young children, it doesn’t patronise and there is plenty for everyone to learn. All round it’s an excellent offering and I’d thoroughly recommend it.

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