Elys Dolan’s books are always a joy and this one about the shenanigans elected leaders get up to is no less clever and amusing. As ever there are two stories to enjoy: one for adults and one for the children with whom they might read it. Much of both stories is carried in the pictures and there’s more to discover each time you read the book. The story is clever and funny and the illustrations are same.

Politicians and promises

Mr Bunny is fed up of not being listened to. He wants to be in charge and tell people what to do. So he decides to run for mayor of Coop Town. He’s up against Debbie who’s well known and well liked for being sensible and planning things carefully. But Mr Bunny has a secret weapon: chocolate! His promises aren’t quite as carefully thought through as Debbie’s and someone of them sound unlikely. But still – chocolate! Even though it’s obvious that Mr Bunny is not telling the truth and that he’s cheating by promising hats to everyone who votes for him, the residents of Coop Town choose him. After all, those hats were made of chocolate.

You are free to draw whatever parallels you like as you read.

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