You might remember that we left Uncle Pete planeless at the end of his last adventure. With the help of TM (Tiny Mouse, if you want to be formal), Mr Weaver and a very clever cat, he managed to find a blanket that would help his nephew to sleep, but he left his plane somewhere and now he’s not sure where. Clearly this situation has to be rectified and fortunately for us David C Flanagan has chronicled Uncle Pete’s search with the help of Will Hughes and his pictures.

How the story began

Best guess on the plane location is the Forest of Lost Things, which does seems sensible. Unfortunately, Uncle Pete’s book doesn’t tell you how to get there; all it says about the forest is that you absolutely definitely shouldn’t go. Uncle Pete laughs at such warnings, though, and, along with TM, he heads off to consult the super smart squirrels who live in his wood. Their one-eyed leader Shona points them in the right direction and, whoosh, they’re off on another adventure.

Consulting Shona, leader of the smart squirrels

That’s the set-up but I can’t tell you anything else as David does it much better than I ever could. All I can say is that there are enormous cats, a helpful Dolphin and a wise (of course) owl. There’s also a lot of clutter, recycling to be done and abandoned pets to be rehomed. If you loved Uncle Pete and the Boy who Couldn’t Sleep (of course you did), you’ll be delighted to get your hands on the sequel. It’s as ridiculous, funny and clever as its predecessor and has the same subtle life lessons about our relationships with one another and the environment. Will Hughes has illustrated this book with black and white drawings which highlight events and characters, and encourage children to imagine other scenes.

Pausing to nibble on a jam sandwich

As far as I’m concerned this is another great Uncle Pete adventure, as enjoyable as the first. And it’s another welcome addition to Little Doors Books’ catalogue. It’s available to buy now and will be on the shelves of all good libraries.

Parachuting cats?

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