What first struck me about this warm and appealing picture book was the use of colour. The way Augusta Kirkwood melds and blends and merges various hues into each other suggests the fluidity of the sea to me. And that’s entirely appropriate as this is the story of a sea creature.

Toby, always at his happiest on the beach, is playing in a rock pool one day when he finds a mermaid. A sad and lonely mermaid, who has been left behind the tide. Toby is a kind boy, so he takes her home to his family. They are all welcoming and do everything they can to make her feel at home. But, of course, the mermaid is not at home. She misses her friends, her family and her familiar surroundings. Although she is happy with Toby and his family, she is also sad because she misses the people and places she is used to. Toby offers to take her back to the sea but refuses to go home with her. They both know that their parting will leave them both feeling happy and sad. But he and the mermaid know this is how it must be.

Pippa Goodhart’s story is gentle, full of kindness and understanding. It points out the truth that in life choices have to be made, choices that might make us feel sad happy or happy sad.

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