Loss is hard. It doesn’t matter what you lose or how old you are, it’s tough. Corrina Campbell, in The Boy who Rescued a Rainbow, encapsulates that idea beautifully in words and pictures.

The book tells of a strong, brave and fearless little boy who lives a life full of action and imagination. One day he finds a broken rainbow and takes it home to mend it. He works hard and lovingly and carefully but the rainbow keeps getting smaller. And then one day it has gone. The boy is confused and and angry and sad. He cries. But he is still fearless and brave and strong. And so he continues to climb mountains and sail seas and fight dragons even though he is sad. Then one day, high in the sky he sees a rainbow. And he remembers the good times. And smiles.

This book from Little Door Books is beautiful. The message that emotions don’t have to change who we are is gently told and doesn’t shy away from the truth that life can be difficult. It shows clearly that we can keep going through the hardest times. And the illustrations are particularly wonderful. They’re dynamic, full of colour and vitality and expression. The story stands up on its own but it also lends itself to being used by parents and carers in life’s difficult moments.

Life can be difficult. But it is possible to survive and to keep on going. It is even possible to remember sad things and smile. Thank you Corrina and Little Door Books.

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