The delightful people at Scholastic sent me a proof of the late Eva Ibbotson’s final book.  I almost couldn’t bear to read it, knowing that it would be the last new book by her I’d ever read.  However, once I started it I couldn’t put it down. 

The book is called One Dog and his Boy and is for younger readers.  You will, of course, want to read it for yourself so I won’t tell you about the story.  I’m tempted to say that the story doesn’t matter anyway.  That’s not true, naturally, but it’s the quality of Eva’s writing that once again stands out for me.  The book is written in her distinctive style: subtle and gentle but still somehow making very pointed remarks about people.  And she paints pictures in the mind seemingly effortlessly.  As with everything else she’s written, it is a joy to read.

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