It’s true!  I seem to have been reading non-stop all summer: for The Scotsman, for the Edinburgh International Book Festival and for our own book festival.  I’ve read lots of things I really don’t want to see again but I’ve also read some stuff that was a pleasant surprise.  I’d include Mean Streets – the Chicago Caper by Graham Marks in the latter category.  I was chairing his session in Edinburgh and I had fun doing that as well as reading the book.  I also chaired Cliff McNish’s session and enjoyed it.  I was scared stiff by his book, The Hunting Ground, though!

At our book festival, I had the joy of working with Elizabeth Laird.  I’ve read all her novels but I re-read Red Sky in the Morning.  What an excellent book it is!  And what a great writer she is.  We sold out of The Witching Hour and I think had only six of her other books left after two sessions so it seems I’m not alone in my views.

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