I read the Katy books by Susan Coolidge when I was a child.  I have a vague idea that I also saw a BBC adaptation of What Katy Did, the first in the series, but I’m not absolutely sure about that at this distance!  I certainly didn’t know then that there were more than three books in the sequence.  So I was very excited to discover Clover when staying with a friend who owned it.  For years, I read it every time I visited until, eventually, I found copy for myself!

Clover is the fourth of five books and is about Katy’s next-in-age sister.  There are many things that appeal to me.  It catches the reader up on Katy’s life (it opens with her marriage) and goes on to introduce us to her siblings as young adults.  It has a description of a long train journey (could this be where my fascination comes from?) made in a private carriage.  But the bulk of the book describes Clover and the youngest Carr, Phil, creating a life for themselves in Colorado.

I find it a comforting read even if it’s not particularly realistic.  Everyone is warm and friendly and welcoming to the young Carrs and, by and large, their way is made very easy.  But I enjoy reading about the development of a community as well as the creating of a home.  In times of stress, when I need security, it’s a book I return to.

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