I was invited along to the launch of The Keepers’ Daughter by Gill Arbuthnott’s agents and felt honour-bound to buy a copy of the book.  I was seduced by Eva Ibbotson’s enthusiasm on the front cover but captured by the telling of Gill Arbutnott’s tale. In fact I enjoyed it so much that I chose it for one of my round-ups in The Scotsman.

The Keepers’ Daughter by Gill Arbuthnott twists and turns its way through lands of fantasy that are, nevertheless, completely recognisable. It is a story of adventure, of romance, of cruelty with resourceful, courageous and flawed characters. Nyssa has never known anything of her past but, without warning, it catches up with her, meaning that she must flee the only home she has ever known. The ensuing journey in the company of the enigmatic Marius and shunned Aria will enthral readers who are sure to have difficulty in putting the book down.

That’s what I thought in 2009 and I’ve seen no reason to change my opinion.  I’ve chosen it as my day six book having discovered yesterday that it is once again available.  It’s downloadable so why not treat yourself to a new book this weekend?


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