Three Girls and a Car was one of Mum’s Sunday School prizes (for perfect attendance) and I first read it when I was about ten.  Not long before, we had been on holiday to the Black Isle where much of Margaret Middleton’s book is set and I was very excited to find Avoch in a book. (I suspect Mum may have planned the timing so that I got the book then.)  I also felt very superior as I knew how to pronounce the town’s name!

I know Margaret Middleton wrote other books but this is the only one I’ve read.  As a child I read it often and even now I go back to it.  I love the innocence of it; also the unlikely plot which is so much fun!

I don’t know when it was published but Mum was awarded it in 1950 so I’m assuming that I read it about thirty years after its publication.  Although I knew it was a bit dated, I didn’t feel that it was from another world.  I wonder how books from the 1980s appear to today’s ten year-olds…

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