This was trailed by the publisher for a long time owing to the success of Cecelia Ahern’s adult fiction. I’ve dipped in and out of it over the years and I was interested to see what this much promoted debut YA novel would be like.  I was very impressed and impatient for the sequel to appear.

Flawed is, I suppose, a dystopian novel but it’s set in the present, I think, in a society that values perfection above all else.  Celestine comes from a privileged family that mixes with the leaders and power-holders.  One day she makes an error of judgement and, in a move as surprising to herself as everyone else, she refuses to be part of a cover-up spin.  This split second act and unthought through response have unimagined repercussions.

I was fortunate to be asked to host an event at the Edinburgh Book Festival with Cecelia and another author where we discussed the labels that society and individuals use to judge and the impact that superficial judgements have on us.  The event was somewhat hijacked by the celebrity of the other author which was a trifle ironic!  (It was not her doing, I must add, but rather the audience’s.)

I had time to talk to Cecelia after the event and it was interesting to hear about how being Bertie Ahern’s daughter had affected her life, as well as the impact her own early success as a writer had on her.  I like to think I can see echoes of these things in this book – that’s just my opinion though.


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