Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong return for another unladylike murder mystery in Mistletoe and Murder.  The school friends are spending Christmas in Cambridge with Daisy’s brother and great-aunt. Before they’ve even settled in they are faced with puzzling and unsettling events. And when a fatal accident occurs in Maudlin College the girls suspect that it might have been planned. Determined to prove that it was, in fact, murder, the girls reluctantly accept the help of fellow Cambridge visitors, George and Alexander. Nancy Drew meets the Chalet School in this clever crime novel set in the 1930s. Robin Stevens’ period detail, strong characters and meticulous plotting come together in a satisfying story.

This was the first Murder Most Unladylike Mystery I read and I was immediately entranced.  I think that came partly from the fact that I had also recently discovered Dorothy L Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey novels.  Although this is set in Cambridge rather than Oxford and is for younger readers than Sayers’ output, it has the same college atmosphere as Gaudy Night.  I’m not trying to suggest that Robin Stevens and Dorothy L Sayers are comparable writers.  That would be ridiculous.  Their books are not trying to do the same things at all and they come from different eras.  But the settings are similar and both writers make me feel I’m in the same other time.

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