I reviewed all three books in Teresa Flavin’s trilogy, mostly because I loved them and thought that they were well written but partly because I had met, and got to know, Teresa.  We knew people in common and I worked with her a number of times.  She’s an artist as well as a writer and art is significant in these books.  So here you are, three reviews for the price of one as brought to readers of The Scotsman.

Another writer creating her own world is Teresa Flavin in The Blackhope Enigma. Blaise and Sunni have long been fascinated by a painting hanging in a local tourist attraction. Somehow the teenagers find themselves drawn into the painting where they discover a magical layered world. Never knowing whom or what they can trust, the friends set out on a quest to return home alive. This is Teresa Flavin’s (and Templar’s) first novel and it is sure to appeal to the X-box generation with its fast-paced plot, constantly twisting and turning, and its strong well-drawn characters.

The Crimson Shard is Teresa Flavin’s sequel to The Blackhope Enigma and continues the story of Sunni and Blaise. A seemingly casual visit to a London museum leads the friends back into the eighteenth century where life is expendable. As they strive to stay a few steps ahead of their would-be captors, they must also attempt to travel forward in time and home. Teresa Flavin is an accomplished writer using an unusual background against which to develop her characters and unfold an intelligent captivating story.

The Shadow Lantern brings to a satisfying conclusion Teresa Flavin’s art world fantasy trilogy. Once again Sunni and Blaise return to Blackhope Tower where their involvement with Fausto Corvo began. On entering the magician’s painted world they discover that, whilst much has changed, their enemy and his is still in pursuit. Teresa Flavin continues to display dexterity of mind and a lightness of touch as she resolves the many layers and facets of this unusual and engrossing trilogy.

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