I only meant, last night, to read the first few pages of The Enigma Game to get a feel for it but I ended up reading all the way through the night, unable to stop. The publisher gave me access to an e-proof (thus no image) of the book, not my favourite medium, but nothing could stop me reading on.

I’m not new to Elizabeth Wein’s books so I wasn’t altogether surprised by the way it drew me in and clung on to me. The Enigma Game is a companion to Codename Verity and The Pearl Thief, both books that affected me very strongly and this new book was no different in that regard. Alongside the thriller plotline involving an RAF station in north eastern Scotland (close to my own stamping ground) there is a story of prejudice and difference hung on the lives of two very different young women and one much older one. One of them plays a part in The Pearl Thief, set before the Second World War, as do two of the other characters. The other, younger, woman is the daughter of a Jamaican father and English mother, both early victims of the war.

Theoretically, this is a book for young adults but that stage of life is long gone for me. Not for a moment did I consider whilst reading it that I was devouring anything other than a gripping novel. In fact, it would be truer to say that all I thought about were the characters and their story. Whatever your age, this is a book for you.

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