Nosy Crow is one of my favourite publishers. I love their production values as well as the books themselves. This lovely little board book makes my point for me beautifully. It’s a sing-along version of A Sailor Went to Sea and comes complete with a QR code that lets you hear the song.

Each page has a slider to push, pull or turn, giving a pleasing motion and a bit of fun.


The illustrations are by Yu-hsuan Huang and are endearing in the extreme without being too cutesy. The lines, shapes and colours are engaging and welcoming and the spreads have enough in them to hold the interest without being daunting. Regular readers of this blog will understand when I say that they’re made even better because the sailor in question is a cat. And there’s a lighthouse – and puffins. Admittedly it’s an unusual seascape that contains puffins along with gulls and a parrot…

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